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Join Us

Our lab is seeking motivated, creative, and enthusiastic students with broad interests in the biogeochemistry of natural and agricultural ecosystems. Ongoing opportunities are available for graduate and undergraduate students interested in our work.

Mentoring Philosophy

I aim to provide individualized and structured training in all facets of research for everyone in the lab, bolstered by collaborations with other lab members. I have a somewhat hands-on advising style, and aim to be actively involved in at least some aspects of data collection and analysis for all of the diverse projects in the lab. I try to give PhD students flexibility to pursue their own creative research interests within bounds of feasibility and funding constraints.


Steven Hall
Associate Professor
Department of Ecology, Evolution,
and Organismal Biology

Email: stevenjh at

Iowa State University
Department of EEOB
251 Bessey Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-1020

Graduate programs in Ecology and Environmental Science at ISU

Iowa State University offers several interdepartmental graduate programs. I am particularly interested in recruiting students through the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Science programs. Applications are typically due by January 15 to begin study the following fall semester; please contact me in advance of this deadline to discuss opportunities.

Undergraduate employment and research opportunities

There are ongoing opportunities for ISU undergraduates of any major to work and to possibly conduct research in the lab. The First Year Honors Program provides an opportunity for motivated students to jump into research.